Let's make the internet a
(more) fact-based place

Source Engine is the firewall against misinformation.

Goal: A MUCH Faster Source Research

In its initial form, the source engine will provide 3 answers:

How many sources confirm or deny the solidity of the information?
What kind of content is this?
What are the core topics of the author?

Result 1: Search Upgrade

Result 2: In-Site Text Highlights

What can we do?

Without writing comments for hours. 
Without emotionally straining, unfruitful confrontations.
Without reading through hundreds of arguments that are already proven wrong.

Mark doubtful claims

Click the icon

browser plugin

to mark texts, videos or an images (browser add-on as proof of concept available).

Works independent of the website.


Albert Einstein once said 


with great power comes great responsibility

this is a fake statement, which is marked to be problematic


Is this claim based on the given evidence?
% probability
+ Add source
+ Add comment

Check sources

In your field of expertise:

Confirm the correct use of a cited source.

Algorithms shall simplify your work (once developed) 
by combining & sorting, creating a web of trust between confirmed sources.

Find out how to contribute to the idea

Why is it important?

  1. Misinformation usually spreads much further than facts, because it is sensational. Something new grabs attention. That curiosity is mostly a good thing but the human mind can be hacked by clickbait and other techniques. Not everyone has the same capability to detect it.

  2. Society pays a huge price for all the fake information being spread. There are medical, societal and economic costs, in addition to all the preventable suffering of individuals. Worldwide estimates are in the high billions (estimate), but thinking about an affected person in our life is enough to imagine the consequences.

  3. While it is usually possible to trace back most sources with enough research, it can be very time intense. Quality journalists spend a good amount of their efforts verifying sources. Reading the original papers to every information online is not a practical approach - at least for most.

Read more about the why

Next steps

  • Improve browser add-on which sends marked text to backend
  • Experiment with different forms of ratings (PoC available)
  • Apply for funding (proven technical feasibility)

It's planned to link scientific evidence (papers) in the background to get an approximation of the current state of knowledge. Ideally, non-scientists can contribute expertise too, which is one of many challenges we're looking forward to solve.

UPDATE March 2023: We had to put this project "on hold" (probably forever) since we could not find a working business model to sustain the idea (and us) longterm.

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