The Source Engine enables an easy and fast evaluation of the fact-fullness of online content.
Individuals interested in facts, but lacking the resources to check every detail in the battle for attention, shall be empowered.

The public can engage against fact-free content

A society that cares about factual information can act against unsubstantiated claims. In the interplay of civil engagement, experts and technology, content is marked independently of websites. Verified and debunked images, videos or text passages are recognizable faster as such. By flagging vulnerabilities, people can enable fact-based information instead of fighting endless discussions.

Experts confirm the correctness of sources

Almost all people are experts in one area of life or another, either due to education, their job or a strong personal interest. This factual knowledge can be distinguished from moralistic opinions and error-prone general knowledge. The Source Engine uses some of the most valuable output of humanity - verifiable knowledge - in a structured way. Each person shall be able to contribute with their expertise.

Trustworthiness of content is easier to assess

Source research nowadays is a task for researchers and journalists. It takes a lot of time and training. These valuable findings flow into publications which in turn become sources but further add to the amount of information which is hardly accessible. Fragmented information shall be combined between authors, scientific publishers, fact-checking agencies, universities and many other actors.

The methodological analysis of studies, the use of technical tools and verification of authorship is far too burdensome for everyday use. The vision of the Source Engine is to greatly simplify this source research. Every search result, every social media entry, every blog post should help to assess trustworthiness with a simple indicator, to accelerate the in-depth discussion.

From journalists to YouTube publicists, a new incentive emerges to disclose their own sources. Balanced research becomes visible. Sources of one's own images, texts, studies and videos are shown. Specialist expertise can be applied to support the deliberative process. Fact-checked information is accessible in one place and helpful to further dissemination. In case of conflict, additional information can be added. New perspectives enrich the debate on a meta-level. Valuable source research efforts become visible.

We are working towards this huge vision by starting as small as possible and gradually expand the scope.

Thank you, if you are being part of this !

We need to stop misinformation without censorship.
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